How to Apply / register a trademark in the European Union / Community (CTM)?

2015-11-06 12:10:36
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The registration of a European Community Trademark (CTM) has three distinct stages.

Registro marca comunitaria en Europa

The first step is to determine if the trademark to be registered may be registered or if instead there is any impediment to the registration.

This is important not only to know whether any identical mark to which you want to record but also to know if there are similar trademarks already registered. This research should be done very well since otherwise the mark may be refused and all efforts will be in vain to promote or even worse in favor of a third party (competition). Previous research the registration of a Community trade mark must take account of the Community trade mark registrations as well as the records of national marks of all countries of the European Union. This type of research is carried out by professionals in the registration of Community trade marks such as Volartpons.

The second stage consists of applying the CTM application.

The processing can be performed either in the Community Trade Mark Office and the national offices of the countries of the European Union. It is usually best to take the steps through the Office of Community trademarks since management is straightforward and saves time. The processing can be both face, and by mail, and electronically. Community professionals seeking brand routinely, using electronic forms. The processing of the application for a Community trade mark is important since what is declared in the same hardly be changed. In the application for a Community trade mark to protect the brand, products and services and protect the ownership of the Community trade mark it is established. It is at this stage that it must pay the application fee for registration of a Community trade mark.

The third stage involves monitoring the Community trade mark.

Once the CTM has been granted, the holder is entitled to prevent a third party register an identical or similar to yours to identify identical or similar products or services that has protected its brand CTM. To detect these trademark applications, which can affect both the owner of a trademark, the services of a professional CTM so that, through their computer systems, detect trademark applications that violate the rights of his client are required.

As discussed, the registration of a CTM is not easy and consequently recommended to hire the services of a professional, as Volartpons, who can advise you on the three stages of your CTM registration.

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