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Design and manufacture of prototypes

Technically developing an idea allows you to obtain a tangible result and model the idea to transform it into a real object that complies with the regulations and standards of the sector to which it is focused.

It can be very attractive when you want to exploit, sell or license the idea to third parties.

This service must always be carried out after having registered the idea, otherwise the patent will not be valid.

Contact us to technologically develop your idea, invention or project.

Before we ask you for information about your idea, we will sign a confidentiality agreement so that you have the peace of mind to speak openly with us.

If you decide to hire us to develop your idea, you should know that our service includes:

  • > Project kick-off meeting.
  • > Analysis of failures and opportunities.
  • > Basic conceptual proposal in 3D CAD.
  • > Economic orientation, without going into a study of costs.
  • > Final report of results, with the CAD3D design.
  • > Conceptual 3D printing. As long as the idea can be adapted to this technology.
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Know the process of design and development of a prototype

The development of an idea is a process that requires close collaboration between the idea owner and the development team. Sometimes the idea is conceptual and its modeling into something technologically viable requires further study. On other occasions, the degree of maturity of the idea makes it possible to reduce development times.

Also, you have to know that not all inventions are likely to have a real pilot. Some inventions only require reports and analysis of current regulations.

A correct technical development of the idea may be essential to be able to exploit the patent, find sources of financing or to sell or license the patent.

The development team are trained professionals with extensive experience in different industrial technologies and knowledgeable experts in 3D generation programs.

How long does it take to develop the prototype of an idea?

It depends on multiple factors. The idea can be supported by a technical report, a regulatory study or a 3D conceptual development to be able to insert it into a product website. On other occasions, the final result of the development also involves a small manufacture to be able to show it at an event.

How much does it cost to design the prototype of an idea?

We have several possibilities, a basic pack in which we will hold a start-up meeting, an analysis of failures and opportunities, a conceptual proposal in CAD3D, a first economic orientation and a final results report.

We have an advanced pack in which we expand the study with the search for regulations to comply with, the search for tests, approvals or certifications to be carried out according to the product and a SWOT analysis of the product.

In both cases we can deliver a conceptual 3D print of the product as an option, as long as it fits the dimensions of the printing machines.

We can also assess the delivery of a pilot of the idea.

The best thing is that you contact us and we will see which option is the best fit for you.

Who is part of the prototype development team?

The human development team is made up of industrial engineers and mechanical designers with support from electrical, electronic, specialists in pneumatics, welding, laser cutting, 3D printing and assemblers.

Can all ideas have an industrial development?

Each idea has its own path. Some ideas are about a specific product that focuses us to end up having a physical product. Other inventions are developed as technical or feasibility studies. Every invention is different.


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