How to know if a trademark is already registered? Trademark Search in different countries.

2013-02-08 10:32:54
Filed under: Trademarks CTM European Community Trademark Spanish Trademark International Trademark in Spain wants to help you to protect your Trademark. The first step before applying a trademark is to know if this is free and can be registered accordingly. Here we offer you a free Trademark Search service trademark in different countries.

This is a section where you find different links to Trademark Search Service from different countries. Countries currently accessible are Spain, CTM, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, USA, France, Guatemala, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

This list will be expanded to new countries.

We report that the majority of search engines linked offer only identical marks search and therefore similarities are not shown. As is known, not only identical but also similar trademarks can file an opposition against a trademark application. Consequently recommend to anyone who wants to ensure the success of the trademark application to conduct a deep  search. This service, which generally is no free,  should be conducted through to a local IP agent, such as Volartpons.

You will find the free Trademark Search section Resource / Locator Brands or on the link.


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