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Registration of a worldwide / global / international trademark

Update date: 08/05/13

Many who wish to register a trademark want to get a worldwide registration. While this is possible is expensive as well, in most cases unnecessary. We explain why.

The registration of a trademark, as well-known, is limited to certain products and services as well as to a particular territory. For example, you must register a trademark to protect "clothing" in the Spanish territory. It is useful to know that the cost of registration of the mark depends on what products and in what area you want to protect the brand. Keep reading to see alternatives to the registration of a mark globally.

The registration of a trademark must be made only in those areas where it will be used since in most countries the trademarks that are not used can fall into the expiration, ie losing any rights over it. Thus, if an employer wishes to register a trademark to identify "mattresses" which initially sold exclusively in Spain, the appropriate record is the Spanish brand.

However, it is important to know the supranational registration. There are several organizations that facilitate the registration of a trademark in a number of countries. This OHIM eg offered by the registration of a trademark in the Community (27 countries of the European Community), OAPI offering registration of a mark in the francophone countries of Africa and ARIPO offered by the registration of a trademark in anglosaxones African countries.

Finally, it is interesting that there is a global brand. While it is a unitary application procedure, the grant is individual for each of the countries that want to protect the brand. This pathway is interesting because it saves costs application.

Only one industrial property agent, as Volartpons, establish a strategy to protect your brand efficiently, ie, do not spend more resources than necessary.


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