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Register your trademark

Registering the brand of your business, product or service is essential to prevent third parties from using it without your permission. In addition, by registering a trademark you will be sure that you ae not infringing the rights of a third party. the registration of a trademark lasts 10 renewable years.

Contact us to quickly and efficiently register the name and/or logo of your business, product or services.

Before proceeding with the trademark application, we will analyze whether the trademark meets the requirements established by law and we will give you our professional opinion.

The registration of your brand with us includes:


  • - 10 years of exclusive right to your brand

  • - 10 years of active surveillance of your brand to detect trademark applications that may affect your rights

  • - 10 years of resolution of queries related to your brand
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Learn more about the trademark registration process

Registering a trademark in Spain may seem like a relatively simple process that does not involve much time or much knowledge, but in reality, registering a trademark is much more complicated. When applying for a trademark registration, several aspects must be taken into account; Which is the best brand to register? Can i register my trademak according to the current law? Is the already a trademark that could be an obstacle to the registration of mine? 

What brand should I patent or register?

There is a wide variety of brands. In the first place are the word marks, which are those that consist solely of words or letters, numbers, other common typographic characters or combinations of these. In a second place are the figurative marks, which are those that only include figurative elements. There are also mixed brands that include verbal elements and figurative elements. As more special types of marks, there are shape marks, which are those that comprise a 3D shape such as a container, materials for packaging a product or even the product itself or its appearance. Finally, it is also possible to the register a position mark thourgh wich the placement of a mark(denominational, figutative or mixed) placed in a specific way on a product is a protected.

Can my trademark be registered according to the law?

Not all trademarks can be registered under current trademark law. The trademark law establishes a series of absolute prohibitions to prevent the registration of trademarks that affect the general interest. These prohibitions help maintain a system of free competition and a free market. According to the Trademark Law, a sign cannot be registered as a trademark that does not allow distinguishing one product or service from another, for example because the sign is generic, descriptive, very simple or very complex. Nor is it possible to register as a trademark a sign contrary to the law, public order or morality. Nor is it possible to register as a trademark that may mislead the consumer about the nature, quality or geographical origin of a product or service.

Is there any previous trademark that could prevent me from registering my trademark?

Earlier marks similar to the one intended to be registered may also be a problem. Trademark law offers anyone the possibility to oppose a trademark registration to the extent that they consider that their interests have been or may be harmed. This possibility offered by the law aims to protect a trademark that has already been previously registered.

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