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Registration of name and trademarks

Registering the name or trademark of your business, product or service is essential to prevent third parties from using it without your permission. In addition, only by registering a name or trademark will you be sure that you are not infringing the rights of a third party. The registration of a name or trademark lasts for 10 renewable years.

Contact us to quickly and efficiently register the name or trademark of your product or service.

Before proceeding with the application for the name or trademark, we will analyze whether the name or trademark meets the requirements established by law and we will give you our professional opinion.

Registering your trademark or trade name with us includes:

  • - 10 years of exclusive right to your brand or trade name

  • - 10 years of active surveillance of your brand to detect trademark applications that may affect your rights

  • - 10 years of resolution of queries related to your brand
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Why register the name or trademark of your business, product or service?

Register a trademark to create rights to the name

First, to establish that you are the legitimate owner of the name you use. If you do not register your business name, you are not the owner under current trademark law. The rights to the name they use are born with the registration. There is only one exception and surely it is not your case; the renowned brands that are those that are known by the vast majority of consumers nationwide (hint: there are very, very few renowned brands).

Register the trademark to prevent someone from using a name similar to yours

To prevent someone from using a similar or identical name to yours. The registration of a trademark causes said trademark to be published in an Official Bulletin of Industrial Property (BOPI) and therefore someone who is deciding how to identify their business can see your registration and decide to change their name in view of the fact that they can have legal problems.

Register the business name to save money

Of course, registering the trademark saves money in case of conflict. If someone uses your name or trademark without your permission, the registration disputes since the judge knows that the one with the registration wins over the one without registration. The same is true if you are accused of infringing on a third-party trademark. In this case, the registration of the trademark avoids or considerably reduces the damages or losses to be paid since it shows that you acted in good faith when registering (and therefore when advertising) the name of your business.

To protect your company's most important asset

The name or trademark is the most important asset of a business because it is in the name that the reputation of the business is concentrated. Consumers, thanks to the name or trademark of the service or product that you offer, can identify the business origin and not make mistakes when purchasing said service or product. A quick example. When you go to the bar and want a cola, you certainly ask for a Coke or a Pepsi, both names are registered trademarks and cause the waiter to serve you the product you have ordered and not an alternative product.



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