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To register a trademark for an association / club / group

Update date: 03/01/14

The associations, clubs or groups should protect their name in order impede other association, group or club makes be named by the same name or by similar one. For this reason associations register as trademark their name in order to obtaining an exclusive right on the same one.

This exclusive right has two limitations. Firstly the trademark does not protect everything, but only a few products and concrete services (classification of niza). Secondly the trademark only protects in a territory in concretly, for example Spain or the European Community.

The most relevant classes for the associations or clubs són 41, 45.

Class 41: Education; formation(training); services of entertainment; sports and cultural activities.

Class 45: juridical Services; safety services for the protection of goods and persons; personal and social services given by third parties to satisfy individual needs.

It's very convenient to hire the services of a professional, as Volartpons, who will establish the protection strategy to obtain the maximum protection with the minimal possible resources.

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