The sale of a trademark by an industrial property agent

The sale of a trademark by an industrial property agent

A lot of clients of industrial property agents  order them to sell one of their trademarks. Usually the agents make a massive sending of emails to other industrial property agents in order to try to find clients of them to sell the trademark as soon as possible. The procedure, as you can see, is not very effective.

One of the free services that we offer in this webpage is what we name the "Market of trademarks". This service, like the others of this webpage, is free and easy to use. I will explain you how it works. The agent who wishes to advertise a sale advertisement of a trademark only has to hang it in this section. To do so it is necessary to fill in a form (in which you can access by clicking in the button ADVERTISE on the right hand menu). In this form you are supposed to introduce some information in order to be allowed to advertise your sale ad. Once the advertisement is published, the ones interested in purchasing the trademark can contact to the industrial property agent who is in charge of the sale by mail. There are no intermediaries and it's free. It's simple, isn't it?

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