How to patent an idea?

How to patent an idea?

Update date: 02/01/15

The ideas are protected by patents. Only in this way the inventor acquires an exclusive right over your idea and may prevent a third party to copy without your permission. Patenting may seem simple but it is not.

First you have to know the conditions under which an idea is patentable. Three.

  • Novelty. To see if an idea is already known a good tip is to use the patent search links we offer on our website and you'll find here.
  • Inventive step.
  • Industrial Applicability

Once we have checked that the idea / invention meets the patentability requirements all necessary documentation to apply for a patent must be prepared. The documentation must be done well since otherwise the patent may disclose the invention without achieving the desired protection. It all depends on the wording of the patent document.

While one can draw up the patent document, only patent and trademark agents, as Volartpons, ensure not to leave any crack in writing to allow a third party to copy the invention modifying a detail.

The patent document consists of several parts; analysis, specification, and claims graphics. Each of these parts must be made following a series of formalities that if they are met not delay or even prevent your patent is granted.

In this post we explain a few tips to write a good patent document.

The wording of the patent document can not be easily modified as much protection will limit the invention initially requested.

Once we have prepared the documentation necessary to make an application to the Patent and Trademark Office. The Patent Office shall immediately issue a receipt of application will be the starting point of the rights granted by the patent.

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