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How to create a Startup (company) from a patent?

Update date: 09/05/13

This is the question asked by most technology-based entrepreneurs. The first step is undoubtedly the protection of the invention by a patent. Remember at this point that a good patent drafting is vital to properly protect the invention and prevent others to find the way to copy you without being able to prevent. So it is almost essential to have the advice of industrial property agent, as Volartpons, according to your requirements to prepare a good patent document.

Once you have applied for a patent the next step is to create a company (StartUp) to develop and get to transfer the idea (patent) to market. It is not easy and that is why there are professionals that can help you. These are known business incubators or accelerators. Just these days takes place in Madrid a workshop on how to create a startup from a patent. The details you can find them here.

Many entrepreneurs due to lack of knowledge or resources do not dare to be a START UP as a legal way to monetize their products / processes

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