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What does it cost to register a trademark (brand name)?

Update date: 21/12/14

This is the question being asked anyone who decides to register the name of your business, product, service. The answer is it depends.


How you will notice if you seek a little Internet. The costs of registration of a trademark are varied. There are industrial property agencies that charge nearly 1000 € and others just charge € 150. How can there be much difference. Are they offering the same service? Should I register my trademark myself?

The registration of a trademark is easy. This explains why some agencies copper € 150 for the registration of a mark. However the only service offered by these companies is the application for registration. There are many other steps that must be taken into account when calculating the price since the application for registration does not guarantee nowhere near the trade mark.

In my view, the cost of a brand should always include a prior advice provided to prevent further costs. As you know the application of a trademark is published in the Assignee for third parties to file an opposition. If this happens, and happens more than you'd expect, the opposition must be answered to finally register the mark. This generates additional costs that were not included in the initial price.

Let us be logical. If the official rate, that everyone must pay, is 118 € how can it be that someone offers the registration of a mark for 150 €. Where is your benefit. The answer is clear. Your benefits are only a posteriori with the answer to the oppositions or other items not budgeted.

Worth, then present the brand for yourself. The answer is no. Precisely for the same reason. Who will advise you better than an industrial property agent, as Volartpons, if you receive an opposition.


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