URGENT Trademark Application (Spanish Trademark, European Community Trademark, International Trademark)

2013-12-02 10:00:35
Filed under: Trademarks CTM European Community Trademark Spanish Trademark International Trademark in Spain

The registration of a trademark, the application date marks the beginning of the rights to it. For this reason, in some cases, there is the imperative of applying for registration of a trademark urgently. The urgency, it must be confessed, is not a strength of most patent and trademark agencies so it is important to know where to turn. In certain agencies, as Volartpons, have realized this need and offer to who wants it the possibility of applying for registration of a trademark urgently i.e. the same day the customer ask for the trademark application.

Moreover, customers can be confident that the trademark has applied the day that the requested since the OHIM, OEPM or WIPO issues the certificate attesting submission instantly. Undoubtedly the patent and trademark agency can forwarded to the client for tranquility.



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