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Trademark registration in Andorra

Update date: 10/08/16

It is important to know in advance how the process of trademark registration in Andorra works in since each country has its own legislation and mistakes can be made during the prosecution causing a waste of money and time.

Before applying for a trademark in Andorra it is important to know the odds of success. To know if the trademark you want to register is already registered you can use the trademark search engine in Andorra that provides for free the Trademark Office of that country. However this trademark search engine only detects identical marks.

If you want to be sure that the trademark will be granted you should hire a professional advice, for instance from Volartpons, to conduct a preliminary search report prior to the trademark application in Andorra. This resport shows, apart from identical marks, similar marks to the one you want to register, in order to avoid the dreaded and costly oppositions.

Once you know that the trademark you want can be registered, you can apply for registration before the Trademark Office. The prosecution of a trademark in Andorra must be made following the many formal rules established by the legislation. To prevent a suspense we recommend to hire a professional who knows the protocol to be followed in that country.

After the application, the trademark must overcome the first formal examination and then the trademark will be published. From the publication date a period of three months starts for receiving oppositions from third parties. If the trademark application does not receive opposition and overcomes the substantive examination, the trademark will be granted.

Generally the trademark registration in this country takes 1 week of your time from the date of application until the date of grant.

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