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  • Estado: Registered
  • País:
  • Reino Unido 
  • Fecha solicitud:
  • 07/12/2021 
  • Número solicitud:
  • 00003730154 

  • Datos del titular:
  • Townhouse Group Limited
  • Datos del representante:

  • Tipo de registro:
  • Word 
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  • Fecha de vencimiento:
  • 07/12/2031 
  • Fecha de actualización:
  • 19/04/2022 
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the preparation of medical reports;Services for the provision of medical care information;Services for the provision of medical facilities;Services for the provision of sauna facilities;Services for the provision of solarium facilities;Services for the testing of blood;Services for the testing of sera;Services for the testing of urine;Services of a barber;Services of a hair and beauty salon;Services of a make-up artist;Services of a psychologist;Services of a solarium;Services of a sperm bank;Services of sanatoriums;Services rendered by a dietician;Shampooing of the hair;Sheep breeding services;Shoeing horses and maintaining horses' hooves;Sight-testing [opticians'] services;Skin care salon services;Skin care salons;Skin tanning service for humans for cosmetic purposes;Slimming salon services;Slimming treatment services;Smoking (Anti -) therapy;Solarium facilities (Provision of -);Solarium services;Sowing of seeds;Spa services;Spas;Speech and hearing therapy;Speech therapy;Speech therapy services;Sperm-bank services;Sports massage;Sports medicine services;Spray tanning salon services;Spray tanning services;Spraying (Insecticide -) in agriculture;Spraying of crop protection products for agricultural purposes;Spreading of agricultural chemicals;Spreading of fertilisers;Spreading of fertilizers;Spreading of horticultural chemicals;Stem cell storage;Sterilising of animals;Stress management services;Stud services;Stud services (Animal -);Stud services for cattle;Stud services for horses;Sun tanning salon services;Supervision of weight reduction programmes;Surface spreading of fertilizers;Surgery;Surgery (Cosmetic -);Surgery (Plastic -);Surgery (Tree -);Surgical diagnostic services;Surgical treatment services;Tanning salon and solarium services;Tanning salons;Tanning (Sun -) salon services;Tattoo parlors;Tattooing;Tattooing of pets for identification purposes;Tattooing services;Technical consultancy services relating to medical health;Technical consultation in the fields of feeding and raising fish, shrimp and other farm-raised marine life;Teeth whitening services;Telemedicine services;Termite control in agriculture;Testicular cancer screening services;Thai massage;Thalassotherapy;The planting of trees for carbon offsetting purposes;Therapeutic treatment of the body;Therapeutic treatment of the face;Therapeutical pilates;Therapy (Physical -);Therapy services;Toilets (Portable -) rental of;Tonsorial services;Traditional Japanese massage;Trans-telephone heart monitoring services;Treatment of allergies;Treatment to joint-dislocation, sprain, bone-fracture or the like (judo-seifuku);Tree nurseries;Tree nursery services;Tree nurseryman services;Tree planting;Tree planting for carbon offsetting purposes;Tree surgeons' services;Tree surgery;Trichology services;Turkish bath facilities (Provision of -);Turkish bath services;Turkish baths;Vaccination services;Vascular screening;Vermin exterminating for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry;Vermin exterminating for agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Vermin exterminating [for agriculture, horticulture or forestry];Vermin exterminating for agriculture, horticulture or forestry, and providing information relating thereto;Vermin extermination for agriculture;Veterinary advisory services;Veterinary and agricultural services;Veterinary assistance;Veterinary dentistry;Veterinary information services provided via the Internet;Veterinary services;Veterinary services (Professional consultancy relating to -);Veterinary surgeons' services;Veterinary surgery;Veterinary surgical services;Visagists' services;Vision screening services;Voice and speech therapy services;Weed control;Weed killing;Weed killing for agriculture, horticulture and forestry;Weedkilling services;Weight control evaluation;Weight control treatment;Weight reduction diet planning and supervision;Weight reduction services;Weight-reduction programmes (Planning of -);Weight-reduction programmes (Supervision of -);Wildlife casualty euthanasia services;Wildlife casualty handling services;Wildlife inventory services;Withdrawal treatment services for addicts.

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Información sobre la marca Townhouse Glide con el número 00003730154

La marca Townhouse Glide con el número 00003730154 fue solicitada el 07/12/2021. Se trata de una marca en Reino Unido por lo que este registro no ofrece protección en el resto de países. La marca Townhouse Glide con el número 00003730154 fue solicitada por TOWNHOUSE GROUP LIMITED.

Vencimiento de la marca Townhouse Glide con el número 00003730154

Las marcas en Reino Unido ofrecen una protección de 10 años y por tanto deben ser renovadas a los 10 años a contar de la fecha de solicitud para que los derechos ofrecidos por la misma no caduquen. La marca Townhouse Glide con el número 00003730154 vence el 07/12/2031.

Renovación de la marca Townhouse Glide con el número 00003730154"

El titular de la marca podrá renovar la marca cuando se acerque la fecha de vencimiento. En ausencia de la renovación, la marca caducará y dejará de ofrecer derechos a su titular. En concreto, un tercero podrá utilizar la marca sin tener que pedir permiso a su antiguo titular. Además cualquiera podrá registrar la marca y obtendrá derechos exclusivos en base a los cuales podrá impedir el uso al titular de la marca original.

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