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  • Estado: Under Examination
  • País:
  • Estados Unidos 
  • Fecha solicitud:
  • 02/09/2021 
  • Número solicitud:
  • 97008740 

  • Datos del titular:
  • Neptune Operations Ltd.
  • Datos del representante:
  • Tipo de registro:
  • Clases aceptadas:
  • Clases denegadas:
  • Fecha de vencimiento:
  • Fecha de actualización:
  • 19/04/2022 
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Los productos y servicios protegidos por esta marca son:
06 - Transportable buildings or structures of metal, for example, fixed and mobile satellite receiving ground stations; satellite structures associated with flight hardware; robotic armature structure; robotic grappling interfaces; satellite subsystem components
07 - Machines and robots; industrial robots used in connection with space systems, satellites and satellite systems for inspecting, servicing, assembling, and refueling of satellites and satellite systems; structural parts for industrial robots and replacement parts for industrial robots sold together as a unit; mechanical and electro-mechanical tools and attachments to robots
09 - Computer hardware, namely, data and signal processing devices; multi-spectral electro-optical image sensors, namely, radar devices, infrared and ultra violet sensor devices, solid state digital cameras, and optical scanners; computer software; electronic hardcopy recording devices that produce images on photographic film from electronic digital signals; satellite ground stations, namely, satellite receiving dishes and antenna, satellite signal data processing hardware and software, video monitors, magnetic media for storage of data, facsimile recorders, electronic hardcopy film recording devices; electric and electronic video surveillance installations; video surveillance cameras; security surveillance robots; maritime patrol radar; laboratory robots; humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; telepresence robots; robotic systems comprised of laboratory robots, robot arms, robot hands, end-effectors, capture devices and robot compatible tools, and software to operate robot and robot arms; space probes; radar detectors; radar receivers; radar receivers with amplifiers; radar transmitters; infrared sensors; LED position sensors; optical sensors; sensors for determining acceleration; sensors for determining temperature; sensors for determining velocity; temperature sensors; thermal sensors; velocity sensors; augmented reality software for creating maps; computer software for displaying orders and driver location on maps; communications and earth observation satellites; satellite antennas, steerable antennas, arrays, direct radiating arrays, phased array and synthetic aperture antennas, UHF antennas and multibeam antennas; digital channelizers; beam hopping software and avionics; satellite dishes, satellite dishes for satellite transmissions, satellite receivers, satellite transmitters, satellites, satellites for scientific purposes; antenna amplifiers; antennas for radio; antennas for radio and television; antennas for television; dish antennas; microwave antennas; parabolic antennas; radio signal antennas; DC/DC converters; satellite and telecommunications systems comprised of transponders, satellite transmitters, satellite receivers, electrical and electronic relays, switching stations, and electrical and electronic controllers; antennas; satellite payload systems composed of network repeaters, transponders, microwave receivers, RF multiplexers and switches, waveguide, power amplifiers, channel processing computer hardware and automatic switching apparatus, antennas, electronic and optical reflectors, diplexers, triplexers, feed and feed networks, feed horns, support structure and pointing mechanisms, harnesses and cables, modulators, demodulators, frequency converters and generators, interface units, processors, and thermal control subsystem comprised of optical couplers and antenna filters; satellite telemetry tracking and control systems comprised satellites and satellite transmitters and receivers; computer software for operation and monitoring of satellites, telecommunication systems, and robotics; usb flash drives; scientific instruments for determining the material composition and morphology of planetary surface materials; light detection and radar (LIDAR) for range, pose, objection detection, mapping rendezvous, docking and landing of spacecraft and manned and unmanned vehicles; laser based metrology systems; electronic warfare command and control systems; laser weapons countermeasures addressing location, detection and countermeasures against laser guided threats such as laser beam rider missiles, laser range finders and laser designators; Electromagnetic Illumination radar for naval defense; software for automated design and validation of airport landing and take-off procedures; software for automated charting and encoding for creation of air navigation charts
10 - Surgical robots for diagnostic and surgical assistance and intervention
12 - Trailers in which to house ground station components; space vehicles; unmanned aerial vehicles; spacecraft, namely, space vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by air and space, namely, space platforms and spacecraft for servicing satellites and spacecraft and structural components thereof; autonomous and teleoperated unmanned ground vehicles; manned and unmanned planetary ground vehicles and rovers for scientific exploration, prospecting and logistics on other celestial bodies
21 - Water bottles, mugs
25 - T-shirts, baseball caps and hats, sweatshirts, jackets
35 - Geospatial image provider services, namely, providing store services featuring geographic and earth images captured by aircraft and satellite; compiling of information into computer databases in the fields of geospatial information, human terrain information, socio-cultural information, behavioral information, and human factors information
37 - Orbital and cislunar services for the inspection, assembly, maintenance, repair, upgrade and refueling of space infrastructure, satellites and orbiting space stations and outposts
38 - Satellite transmission services; electronic delivery of data, images, photographs and maps
39 - In-space payload orbital delivery (POD) dispensing and retrieval systems for maintenance, repair, and upgrade of space infrastructure; robotic unloading and loading of space vehicle cargo and supplies; remote (from earth or other spacecraft) and autonomous command and control of unmanned lunar outposts and platforms which serve as logistics waypoints for planetary exploration and exploitation; unmanned aerial vehicle command and control services for Earth observation, surveillance, and Process Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) in hostile environments
40 - Robotic spacecraft services for the rendezvous, capture, and disposal of orbital debris
42 - Systems analysis; consulting and contracting services for the development, assembly, and use of satellite ground stations, airborne remote sensing systems, image analysis systems, and airline flight operations systems; and custom computer hardware and software consulting services; telemetry monitoring, alerting and record-keeping of space craft; creation of control programs for automated measurement, assembly, adjustment, and related visualisation; development of computer programs recorded on software designed for use in construction and automated manufacturing (cad/cam); technical research in the field of aeronautics; providing information in the field of aerospace electronics via an interactive website; technical consulting in the field of aerospace engineering; marine chart updating; development and creation of computer programmes for data processing; image processing software design; land and road surveying; land surveying; marine, aerial and land surveying; cartography and mapping services; mapping services; design of optical and micro optical components; creation of control programs for electric operation control and drive modules; technical surveying; advisory services in the field of product development and quality improvement of software; computer hardware and software design; computer programming and software design; computer software consulting; computer software design; computer software design for others; computer software installation and maintenance; computer software project management services; consultation services relating to computer software; technical support services in the form of troubleshooting of computer hardware and software problems; engineering, design, and development of satellites, satellite systems and satellite components, satellite ground systems, robots, and robotic systems and robot components; design and development of telecommunications hardware; design and development of naval defense electronic warfare and command and control and situational awareness control rooms; space-based earth monitoring; interpretation of digital aerial and satellite images of the earth for others for scientific and research purposes; photogrammetry services; geospatial services, namely, making maps and scale drawings from aerial and satellite photographs; computer modeling services, namely, evaluating algorithms for object detection from remotely sensed imagery of earth; software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for receiving, collecting, displaying, processing, and analyzing data from satellites and space-based robotic systems, and providing geospatial analysis, satellite command and control, and satellite navigation; software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software in the field of digital imagery for use in connection with the collection, manipulation, processing, electronic formatting and distribution of aerial, geographic, and satellite imagery; software as a service(SAAS) services featuring software in the field of geospatial information and data, geocoding information, geographic information systems, satellite imagery, photogrammetry, mapping, location intelligence and location monitoring, namely, software for accessing, downloading, analyzing, searching, organizing, sharing, distributing, updating, purchasing, integrating, and monitoring imagery, geospatial information, geospatial content, and location-specific information; providing an online computer database in the field of geospatial imagery for producing satellite imagery, namely, a historical archive of high resolution satellite imagery of a geographic location for comparison with satellite images of the same location following a natural disaster, man-made disaster, political uprising or other event of high interest to provide historical context plus follow up with imagery of the geography; provision of databases of maps; providing a website featuring a database containing remotely sensed earth imagery; providing a website featuring technology that allows access and manipulation of software tools for searching, filtering, annotating, bookmarking, alerting, and monitoring geospatial imagery; providing a website featuring on-line non-downloadable software tools for image editing and manipulation; providing scientific information in the fields of geospatial information and intelligence related to a database of images and geographic measurements of the earth; providing scientific information in the fields of location intelligence and geospatial intelligence; scientific research and development and consultation related thereto in the fields of geospatial information and data, geo-coding information, geographic information systems, location intelligence, location-specific information, and location monitoring, geospatial information and intelligence services; analysis services for others, namely, analysis of cartography and mapping information in the field of geospatial information and consultation related thereto; computer services in the nature of electronic imaging of aerial, geographic, and satellite images; computer services, namely, providing a website featuring technology enabling users to conduct geographic information analysis; remote operation services of unmanned robotic enabled space platforms, satellites, and stations for scientific research and development

En fecha 08/03/2022 se realizó NOTIFICATION OF NON-FINAL ACTION E-MAILED
En fecha 08/03/2022 se realizó NON-FINAL ACTION E-MAILED
En fecha 08/03/2022 se realizó NON-FINAL ACTION WRITTEN
En fecha 05/03/2022 se realizó ASSIGNED TO EXAMINER
En fecha 16/10/2021 se realizó NOTICE OF DESIGN SEARCH CODE E-MAILED
En fecha 06/09/2021 se realizó NEW APPLICATION ENTERED IN TRAM

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Información sobre la marca MDA con el número 97008740

La marca MDA con el número 97008740 fue solicitada el 02/09/2021. Se trata de una marca en Estados Unidos por lo que este registro no ofrece protección en el resto de países. La marca MDA con el número 97008740 fue solicitada por NEPTUNE OPERATIONS LTD. mediante los servicios del agente DAVID L. PRINCIPE.

Renovación de la marca MDA con el número 97008740"

El titular de la marca podrá renovar la marca cuando se acerque la fecha de vencimiento. En ausencia de la renovación, la marca caducará y dejará de ofrecer derechos a su titular. En concreto, un tercero podrá utilizar la marca sin tener que pedir permiso a su antiguo titular. Además cualquiera podrá registrar la marca y obtendrá derechos exclusivos en base a los cuales podrá impedir el uso al titular de la marca original.

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