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Marca MARINA BAY SANDS en Unión Europea

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  • Estado: Registered
  • País:
  • Unión Europea 
  • Fecha solicitud:
  • 01/12/2016 
  • Número solicitud:
  • A016120321 

  • Datos del titular:
  • Las Vegas Sands Corp.
  • Datos del representante:
  • Stobbs
  • Tipo de registro:
  • Word 
  • Clases aceptadas:
  • 3,14,16,18,21,25,34,39,41,43,44,45 
  • Clases denegadas:
  • Fecha de vencimiento:
  • 01/12/2026 
  • Fecha de actualización:
  • 19/04/2022 
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Los productos y servicios protegidos por esta marca son:
3 - Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; Cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; Soaps; Perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions; Dentifrices; aftershave; anti-perspirants; shaving preparations; skin care preparations; preparations for body and beauty care; toiletries; perfumes; colognes and Eau de toilette; bath oils; face and body lotions; cosmetic preparations for the hair and scalp; hair colouring preparations; shampoos; hair conditioners; styling gels; hair mousse; hair spray; after-shave creams and balms; shaving creams and gels; depilatory preparations; wax strips for removing body hair; deodorant for personal use; lip balm; potpourri; shoe polish; sun block lotions; shower gels; hand soap; liquid soap; cosmetic preparations for baths; aromatic oils for the bath; bubble bath; body scrubs; body moisturisers; eye cream; face creams; face packs; facial washes; hand cream; moisturiser; skin cleansers; skin toners; cosmetic preparations for the care of mouth and teeth; breath freshener; mouthwash; toothpaste; aromatherapy lotions; aromatics for fragrances; make-up preparations for the face and body; compacts containing make-up; cosmetic face powders; cosmetic masks; cosmetic pencils; eye makeup; facial makeup; facial wipes impregnated with cosmetics; foundation; face powder; lip cosmetics; lip gloss; lip liner; lipstick; make-up remover; mascara; blusher; nail care preparations; nail cosmetics; nail polish; artificial nails for cosmetic purposes; self tanning preparations; cosmetic tanning preparations; sun bronzers; sun creams; after-sun lotions; sun protectors for lips.
14 - Precious metals and their alloys; Jewellery, precious stones; Horological and chronometric instruments; lapel pins [jewellery]; tie clips; cuff links; jewels; rings [jewellery]; necklaces; earrings; tie pins; pins [jewellery]; bracelets; jewellery boxes; diamonds; cut diamonds; clasps for jewellery; jewellery incorporating diamonds; jewellery incorporating precious stones; jewellery incorporating pearls; jewellery articles; enamelled jewellery; presentation boxes for jewellery; boxes of precious metal; chains; badges of precious metals; watches; cases for jewels; jewellery boxes; clock cases; articles of jewellery made of precious metal alloys; alarm clocks; clocks; articles of jewellery made of precious metals; articles of jewellery coated with precious metals; key rings; key fobs; charms; pet jewellery; tiaras; jewellery ornaments; jewellery brooches; artificial jewellery; costume jewellery; figurines of precious stones; figurines of precious metals; semi-precious stones; gold bullion coins; trophies of precious metals; medals; lockets; straps for wrist watches; works of art of precious metal; watch cases; split rings of precious metal for keys; ivory jewellery; hat ornaments of precious metal; watch chains; trinkets [jewellery]; pendants; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
16 - Paper and cardboard; Printed matter; Bookbinding material; Photographs; Stationery; Adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Artists' materials; Paintbrushes; Typewriters and office requisites [except furniture]; Instructional and teaching material [except apparatus]; Plastic materials for packaging; Printers' type; Printing blocks; books; printed publications; printed matter; pictures; art pictures; posters; prints; graphic reproductions; writing implements; printed cards; postcards; glues for stationery or household purposes; binders; binder materials; greeting cards; pens; ball pens; felt pens; nib pens; mechanical pencils; photographs; albums; envelopes; note pads; note cards; notebooks; note paper; appointment books; book marks; folders; book covers; business cards; artworks; pennants; banners; pens; pencils; erasers; pencil sharpeners; crayons; colouring books; decals; car stickers; gift wrapping paper; gift boxes; gift bags; paper gift wrapping ribbons; carrier bags; passport covers; announcement cards; metal money clips; paperweights; desk pads; paper placemats; paper clips;   boxes; combination appointment and address books; toilet tissues; toilet paper; rolls of paper, all for use in the kitchen; paper serviettes; towels and wipes (all being of paper); paper napkins; napkins and table cloths (of paper); placemats (of paper); paper tableware; address books; binder note books; clear books; loose leaf books; note books; spiral note books; stock books; word note books; book ends; paint brushes; calendars; diaries; sign pens; pen stands; pencil stands; photo stands; stickers; tapes (of paper); periodicals; magazines; newspapers; transfers and decalcomanias; pen trays; pencil trays; manuals; wrappers; towels of paper; table liners of paper; face towels of paper; hygienic paper; paper handkerchiefs; writing paper; catalogues; brochures and leaflets; coasters (of paper); wrapping and packing materials of paper and cardboard; typewriting apparatus and instruments; children's activity books; event programs; guide books; guide leaflets; guide maps; travel guide books; printed guides; printed hotel guides; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
18 - Leather and imitations of leather; Animal skins, hides; Trunks and travelling bags; Umbrellas and parasols; Walking sticks; Whips, harness and saddlery; pocket wallets; wallets for change; garment bags for travel; bags; luggage, travel bags, leisure bags; sports bags; holdalls; cases; rucksacks; overnight bags; handbags; shopping bags; shoulder bags; evening bags; suit bags; jewellery bags; toiletry and cosmetic bags; tie cases; briefcases; document cases; wallets; credit card cases; key cases; purses; attache cases; haversacks; hat boxes; leather laces; music cases; satchels; wheeled luggage; wheeled shopping bags; game bags; fur; baby backpacks; baby carriers; back packs; clothing for pets; animal apparel; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
21 - Household or kitchen utensils and containers; Combs and sponges; Brushes [except paintbrushes]; Brush-making materials; Articles for cleaning purposes; Steelwool; Unworked or semi-worked glass [except glass used in building]; Glassware, porcelain and earthenware; tableware; paper cups; drinking glasses; beverage coolers [containers]; coolers [ice pails]; ice scoops [barware]; corkscrews; crockery; cups; decanters; glasses, drinking vessels and barware; mugs; cups; plates; meal trays; serving trays not of precious metal; cookie jars; plastic water bottles sold empty; beverages (Heat insulated containers for -); insulated flasks; plastic water bottles sold empty; decorative earthenware for kitchens and table use; shot glasses; beverageware; swizzle sticks; beverage stirrers; statuettes of glass and porcelain; bottle openers; non-metal coin banks; vases; candlesticks and candlestick holders; napkin holders; coasters not of paper and not being table linen; paper plates; hip flasks; hair brushes; nail brushes; brushes for footwear; presses (Trouser -); combs; toothbrushes; toothpicks; wash bags (fitted); chopsticks and cocktail shakers; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
25 - Clothing, footwear, headgear; shirts; t-shirts; polo shirts; dress shirts; sweatshirts and sweatpants; tank tops; loungewear; infant wear; nightwear; underwear; boxer briefs; sportswear; swimwear; bikinis; bathing trunks; athletic uniforms; gym shorts; rain coats; rain jackets; baseball hats; bandanas; cap visors; golf caps; baby bibs (not of paper); bathrobes; shower caps; ties; hosiery; lingerie; braces; belts; knitwear; cardigans; jumpers; socks; blouses; skirts and dresses; coats; suits; jackets; trousers; footwear for men and women; flip flops; slippers; sandals; trainers; ear muffs; gloves; neckties; scarves; ponchos; sarongs; beachwear.
34 - Tobacco; Smokers' articles; Matches; cigarettes; cigarette lighters; cigarette holders; cigar cutters; cigar tubes; humidors; matchboxes not of precious metal; ashtrays; chewing tobacco; hand-rolling tobacco; cigar boxes; cigar pouches; cigar holders; cigarette papers; cigars; hand-rolling tobacco; pipes; shisha pipes; snuff; snuff boxes; tobacco filters; tobacco pipes; tobacco tins; electronic cigarettes; electronic hookahs; electronic smoking pipes; smokeless cigarette vaporizer pipes; flavorings, other than essential oils, for use in electronic cigarettes; liquid nicotine solutions for use in electronic cigarettes; smokeless tobacco; flavored tobacco; tobacco substitutes, none being for medicinal or curative purposes; mouth pieces for pipes; mouthpieces for cigarette holders; oral vaporizers for smokers; cigarette holders; cigarette holders of precious metal; cigarette holders not of precious metal; cigarette cases; cigarette cases made of precious metal; cigarette cases not of precious metal; electronic cigarette boxes; electronic cigarette cases; filter tips for cigarettes; mentholated pipes; pipe cleaners; pipe filters; pipe pouches; pipe racks; pipe stands; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; matchbooks.
39 - Transport; Packaging and storage of goods; Travel arrangement; Transportation services; travel services; provision of travel services by road, rail, air or sea; booking of holiday travel; arranging travel as part of package holiday; travel agency services; transportation of travellers by air, sea, rail or road; arrangement of transportation services; passenger transportation services; travel planning and tours; transport of travellers; packaging of goods; packaging services, namely packaging of gifts; boat rental; marine transport; organization of travel and boat trips; providing an on-line computer database in the field of travel information services; travel guide services; travel and tour information service; travel and tour ticket reservation service; ferry-boat transport; bus ferry services; ferry transport services; transportation of passengers by ferryboat; reservation of ferry transport; transport of goods; shipping and delivery services; namely, pickup, transportation, and delivery of packages and letters by various modes of transportation; concierge services in relation to the provision of travel; concierge services relating to hotels, namely arranging or providing assistance for the purchase of tickets for sightseeing; coordinating travel arrangements for individuals and for groups; organisation of excursions, sightseeing tours, holiday travel, tours and travel; organisation, booking and arrangement of excursions, day trips and sightseeing tours; travel agency services, namely, making reservations and bookings for excursions, day trips and sightseeing tours; travel agency services, namely, making reservations and bookings for excursions; transport of passengers; car transport; hired car transport; chauffeur services, limousine services; bus transport services; vehicle parking services; car parking; valet parking; airport baggage check-in services; boat rides; delivery of gift baskets with selected items regarding a particular occasion or theme; travel planning and arranging travel tours; travel and tour ticket reservation services; travel and tour information services; tour guide services; management of parking places; providing road and traffic information; rental of wheelchairs; travel and tour agency services; arranging travel as part of package holiday; sight seeing tour and cruise arranging services; tour conducting; tour conducting or escorting; airline services; air transport services; vehicle rental services; courier services; cargo storage and handling services; aircraft chartering services; postal services; warehousing services; rental of warehouse space; temporary safekeeping of personal belongings; information storage and retrieval services relating to travel schedules and travel tariffs; provision of information relating to travel and tourism through the internet or through telecommunication networks; information, consultancy and advisory services relating to all the aforesaid services.
41 - Education; Providing of training; Entertainment; Sporting and cultural activities; Casinos;   casino and gaming services and providing casino and gaming facilities; entertainment, namely, live musical performances, theatrical productions and comedy productions; health clubs; amusement centres and arcades; providing educational and training services; arranging of seminars and conferences; ticket reservation and booking services for entertainment, sporting and cultural events; concert booking; rental of stadium facilities; organisation of sports competitions; providing various facilities for an array of sporting events, sports and athletic competitions and awards programs; providing casino services featuring store value membership cards for redeeming cash discounts or other benefits; providing facilities for sports, concerts; arena services, namely, providing facilities for sports, concerts; conference, wedding, special occasion and event planning and services; entertainment services, namely, making nightclub reservations for others, arranging or providing assistance with purchase of tickets for theatres and shows and arranging entertainment for others; entertainment shows, sporting events, health clubs, gaming services and competitions, production and distribution of television shows in the field of comedy, variety, musical performances, dancing, gambling and games; organization of shows; entertainment shows, namely, musical, magic, nightclub acts, glass-blowing exhibitions, miming and revues; amusement park services; night clubs; presentation of live and recorded performances; operating lotteries; casino and gaming services; providing websites for casinos and gaming; betting services; bingo hall services; beach and pool clubs; exercise instruction; health and fitness club services; information, consultancy and advisory services relating to all the aforesaid services.
43 - Temporary accommodation; Rental of temporary accommodation; provision of hotel accommodation; holiday accommodation services; hotel, restaurant, bar services; hotel and guest services and amenities, namely, restaurants, room service, cocktail lounge, bar services, hospitality (accommodation), temporary accommodations; providing facilities for conventions, banquets, social functions, fund raising, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, meetings and special events; booking of accommodation for travellers; reservations [temporary accommodation]; rental of rooms for social functions; temporary room hire; café services; coffee shop services; tea rooms; tea room services; serving of alcoholic beverages; travel agency services, namely, making reservations and bookings for meals and restaurants; information, consultancy and advisory services relating to all the aforesaid services; providing event facilities.
44 - Medical services; Veterinary services; Hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; Agriculture, horticulture and forestry services; spas; spa services; health spa services; aromatherapy services; beauty salons; beautician services; application of cosmetic products to the body; application of cosmetic products to the face; manicure and pedicure services; massage; reflexology services; sauna services; solarium services; airbrush tanning services; services of a make-up artist; teeth whitening services; depilatory waxing; body waxing services for the human body; body waxing services for hair removal in humans; cosmetic electrolysis; hair dressing services; hair styling services; hair colouring services; information, advisory and consultancy services relating to the aforesaid.
45 - Legal services; Security services for the protection of property and individuals; security services for the protection of property and individuals; security guard services; bodyguard services; key holding services; chaperoning; concierge services for personal shopping; personal gift selection for others; preparation of customized gift boxes; rental of safes; babysitting services; hotel security services; hire of jewellery; personal fashion consulting services; wedding chapel services; providing wedding officiant services; planning and arranging wedding ceremonies; information, advisory and consultancy services relating to the aforesaid.

Fuente de la información

Parte de la información aquí publicada es pública puesto que ha sido obtenida de la Oficina de Propiedad Industrial de los diferentes países el 19/04/2022 y por lo tanto puede ser que la información no esté actualizada.

Parte de la información aquí mostrada ha sido calculada por nuestro sistema informático y puede no ser veraz.


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Información sobre la marca MARINA BAY SANDS con el número A016120321

La marca MARINA BAY SANDS con el número A016120321 fue solicitada el 01/12/2016. Se trata de una marca en Unión Europea por lo que este registro no ofrece protección en el resto de países. La marca MARINA BAY SANDS con el número A016120321 fue solicitada por LAS VEGAS SANDS CORP. mediante los servicios del agente Stobbs. La marca MARINA BAY SANDS con el número A016120321 fue solicitada en las clases 3,14,16,18,21,25,34,39,41,43,44,45 según la Clasificación de Niza.

Vencimiento de la marca MARINA BAY SANDS con el número A016120321

Las marcas en Unión Europea ofrecen una protección de 10 años y por tanto deben ser renovadas a los 10 años a contar de la fecha de solicitud para que los derechos ofrecidos por la misma no caduquen. La marca MARINA BAY SANDS con el número A016120321 vence el 01/12/2026.

Renovación de la marca MARINA BAY SANDS con el número A016120321"

El titular de la marca podrá renovar la marca cuando se acerque la fecha de vencimiento. En ausencia de la renovación, la marca caducará y dejará de ofrecer derechos a su titular. En concreto, un tercero podrá utilizar la marca sin tener que pedir permiso a su antiguo titular. Además cualquiera podrá registrar la marca y obtendrá derechos exclusivos en base a los cuales podrá impedir el uso al titular de la marca original.

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