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  • Estado: Registered
  • País:
  • Unión Europea 
  • Fecha solicitud:
  • 06/12/2016 
  • Número solicitud:
  • A016135378 

  • Datos del titular:
  • Reinhard Krückemeyer GmbH & Co. KG
  • Datos del representante:
  • Wolff, Beate
  • Tipo de registro:
  • Figurative 
  • Clases aceptadas:
  • 1,5,10,16,17 
  • Clases denegadas:
  • Fecha de vencimiento:
  • 06/12/2026 
  • Fecha de actualización:
  • 19/04/2022 
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Los productos y servicios protegidos por esta marca son:
1 - Albumenized paper; Alkalines; Alkaline metals; Alcohol; Size for use in the textile industry; Corrosive preparations; Caustics for industrial purposes; Caustic soda for industrial purposes; Acetates; Acetone; Barium paper; Bases (chemical preparations); Grafting mastic for trees; Grafting wax for trees; Benzoic acid; Agglutinants for concrete; Concrete preservatives; Binding substances (Foundry -); Biological tissue cultures; Biological laboratory preparations; Concrete-aeration chemicals; Enamel-staining chemicals; Engine-decarbonising chemicals; Chemicals used in gardening; Chemicals used in forestry; Chemicals used in photography; Chemicals for use in agriculture; Chemicals used in industry; Chemical preparations for analysis in laboratories; Chemicals used in science; Chemical preparations for facilitating the alloying of metals; Chemical products for the preparation of enamels; Mildew (Chemical preparations to prevent -); Colour-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes; Chemical damp-proofing preparations for masonry; Textile-waterproofing chemicals; Chemical damp-proofing preparations for cement; Stain-preventing chemicals for use on fabrics; Glass-staining chemicals; Chemical intensifiers for rubber; Textile-impregnating chemicals; Leather-impregnating chemicals; Catalysts; Condensation preparations (Chemical -); Chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; Cryogenic preparations; Leather-renovating chemicals; Glass-frosting chemicals; Ceramics (Compositions for the manufacture of technical -); Vine disease preventing chemicals; Chemical preparations for the manufacture of paints; Chemical preparations for the manufacture of paints; Chemical intensifiers for paper; Radiator flushing chemicals; Chimney cleaners, chemical; Soldering chemicals; Ungluing agents [chemical preparations for liquifying starch]; Wax-bleaching chemicals; Cellulose derivatives [chemicals]; Chemical additives for oils; Additives, chemical, to fungicides; Additives, chemical, to insecticides; Test paper, chemical; Dehydrating preparations for industrial purposes; Ferments for chemical purposes; Leather-waterproofing chemicals; Fire extinguishing compositions; Fireproofing preparations; Filtering materials [chemical preparations]; Baths (Fixing -) [photography]; Photographic fixers; Brazing fluxes; Soldering flux; Formic aldehyde for chemical purposes; Moulding compounds (Foundry -); Photographic emulsions; Photographic paper; Photographic sensitizers; Photometric paper; Baths for galvanizing; Galvanizing preparations; Gelatine for photographic purposes; Gelatine for industrial purposes; Threading (Compositions for -); Graphite for industrial purposes; Gums [adhesives] for industrial purposes; Gum arabic for industrial purposes; Degumming preparations; Gurjun [gurjon, gurjan] (Balm of -) for making varnish; Fluids for hydraulic circuits; Exchangers (Ion -) [chemicals]; Isotopes for industrial purposes; Iodine for chemical purposes; Iodine for industrial purposes; Refrigerants; Sintering (Ceramic compositions for -) [granules and powders]; Cement for mending broken articles; Clarification preparations; Adhesive preparations for surgical bandages; Gluten (glue); Adhesives used in industry; Adhesives for wall tiles; Preservatives for tiles; Rubber preservatives; Masonry preservatives; Products for the preservation of bricks; Preservatives for use in the pharmaceutical industry; Salt for preserving, other than for foodstuffs; Coolants for vehicle engines; Plastics in the form of dispersions; Oil (Synthetic materials for absorbing -); Unprocessed plastics; Blue vitriol; Litmus paper; Mastic for leather; Leather glues; Currying preparations for leather; Oils for currying leather; Wine finings; Glue for industrial purposes; Unsticking and separating preparations; Cinematographic film, sensitized but not exposed; Sensitized cloth for photography; Sensitized plates for offset printing; Photosensitive plates; Sensitized photographic plates; Sensitised paper; Cyanotyping (Solutions for -); Blueprint paper; Blueprint cloth; Anti-frothing solutions for accumulators; Solvents for varnishes; Brazing preparations; Polish removing substances; Mordants for metals; Metal hardening preparations; Soap [metallic] for industrial purposes; Metal annealing preparations; Lenses (Preparations for preventing the tarnishing of -); Anti-sprouting preparations for vegetables; Anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows; Flower preservatives; Metal tempering preparations; Chemicals used to prevent condensation; Wetting preparations for use in dyeing; Wetting preparations for use in the textile industry; Wetting preparations for use in bleaching; Metalloids; Surface-active chemical agents; Oil-separating chemicals; Oil-bleaching chemicals; Oil dispersants; Oils for preparing leather in the course of manufacture; Oils for the preservation of food; Cement (Oil -) [putty]; Oil-purifying chemicals; Oleic acid; Reagent paper, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Tire repairing compositions; Tires (Mastic for -); Gasoline (Detergent additives to -); Compositions for repairing inner tubes; Salt, raw; Salts [chemical preparations]; Oxygen; Sizing preparations; Cement for footwear; Protective gases for welding; Silicones; Fillers for automobile bodies; Fissionable chemical elements; Finishing preparations for use in the manufacture of steel; Starch for industrial purposes; Starch paste (adhesive) for stationery; Wallpaper removing compositions; Adhesives for paperhanging; Gum tragacanth for industrial purposes; Sensitized films, unexposed; X-ray films, sensitized but not exposed; Viscose.
5 - Dental impression materials; Anti-rheumatism bracelets; Anti-rheumatism rings; Bracelets for medical purposes; Aseptic cotton; Eyepatches for medical purposes; Babies' diaper-pants; Infant formula; Babies' diapers; Bandages for dressings; Chemical conductors for electrocardiograph electrodes; Chemical preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Chemico-pharmaceutical preparations; Surgical glues; Hydrated chloral for pharmaceutical purposes; deodorisers for textiles and clothing; Disinfectants; Disinfectants for chemical toilets; Disinfectants for hygiene purposes; Fly catching paper; Fly catching adhesives; Fly destroying preparations; First-aid boxes (filled); Gelatine for medical purposes; Royal jelly for medical purposes; Gum for medical purposes; Gamboge for medical purposes; Adhesives for dentures; Yeast for pharmaceutical purposes; Adhesive plasters; Cement for animal hooves; Insecticides; Insect repellents; Chewing gum for medical purposes; Rubber for dental purposes; Adhesive bands for medical purposes; Adhesive bands for medical purposes; Compresses; Solvents for removing adhesive plasters; menstruation briefs; Sanitary pads; Sanitary pads; Sanitary pants; Mothproofing preparations; Paper (Mothproof -); Royal jelly dietary supplements; Medicinal oils; Antiparasitic collars for animals; Antiparasitic preparations; Parasiticides; Bunion pads; Rat poison; Reagent paper for medical or veterinary purposes; Soporifics; Dental abrasives; Mustard poultices.
10 - Hernia bandages; Surgical apparatus and instruments; Thread, surgical; Surgical implants comprised of artificial materials; Suture materials; Bandages, elastic; Belts, electric, for medical purposes; Compresses (Thermo-electric -) [surgery]; Tips for crutches for invalids; Plaster bandages for orthopedic purposes; Gloves for medical purposes; Corsets for medical purposes; Injectors for medical purposes; Compression garments; Compressors [surgical]; Crutches; Lasers for medical purposes; Esthetic massage apparatus; Gloves for massage; Knives for surgical use; Bandages for joints, anatomical; Orthopaedic knee bandages; Orthotic footwear; Orthopedic soles; Saws for surgical purposes; Scissors for surgery; Slings [supporting bandages]; Medical syringes.
16 - Garbage bags of paper or of plastics; Rub down transfers; Address stamps; Folders for papers; Document files [stationery]; Scrapbooks; Almanacs; Moisteners [office requisites]; Announcement cards [stationery]; Document laminators for office use; Aquarelles; Architectural models; Calculating tables; Wristbands for the retention of writing instruments; Atlases; Stickers [stationery]; Money holders; Stationery (Cabinets for -) [office requisites]; Mats for beer glasses; Pictures; Blueprints; Pencils; Pencil holders; Pencil leads; Pads [stationery]; Booklets; Paperweights; Desk trays; Stamps; Writing paper; Pamphlets; Bookbinding material; Cords for bookbinding; Bookbinding apparatus and machines [office equipment]; Cloth for bookbinding; Fabrics for bookbinding; Book binders; Books; Bookends; Office requisites; Paper-clips; Comic books; Plastic cling film, extensible, for palletization; Diagrams; Document holders [stationery]; Printed matter; Printers' reglets; Printing blocks; Electrotypes; Inking sheets for document reproducing machines; Inking sheets for duplicators; Printers' blankets, not of textile; Printing type; Letters [type]; Wrappers [stationery]; Pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric; Pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric; Typewriters; Obliterating stamps; Labels, not of textile; Stencil cases; Flags of paper; Folders [stationery]; Binding strips [bookbinding]; Ink ribbons; Inking ribbons for computer printers; Typewriter ribbons; Spools for inking ribbons; Color prints; Watercolor saucers (Artists' -); Paint boxes [articles for use in school]; Paint trays; Penholders; Pen clips; Pen boxes; Pens [office requisites]; Pen wipers; Humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; Figurines [statuettes] of papier mâché; Filter paper; Finger-stalls [office requisites]; Isinglass for stationery or household purposes; Bottle envelopes of cardboard or paper; Bottle wrappers of cardboard or paper; Correcting fluids [office requisites]; Flyers; Plastic film for wrapping; Sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping; Forms, printed; Photographs [printed]; Franking machines for office use; Fountain pens; Stuffing of paper or cardboard; Printed coupons; Trays for sorting and counting money; Geographical maps; Framed or unframed paintings or graphic prints; Globes; Greeting cards; Graphic representations; Graphic art prints; Graphic reproductions; Pastes and other adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Elastic bands for offices; Gummed tape [stationery]; Gummed cloth for stationery purposes; Stands for pens and pencils; Manuals [handbooks]; Hand labelling appliances; Hand-rests for painters; Stapling presses [office requisites]; Hectographs; Wood pulp paper; Wood pulp board [stationery]; Envelopes [stationery]; Hat boxes of cardboard; Filters (Paper coffee -); Calendars; Coasters of paper; File cards; Cards; Tags for index cards; Card; Cardboard tubes; Catalogues; Adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; Mounting photographs (Apparatus for -); Pastes and other adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes; Dispensers (Adhesive tape -) [office requisites]; Clipboards; Bags for microwave cooking; Carbon paper; Copying paper; Correcting tapes [office requisites]; Correcting ink [heliography]; Balls for ball-point pens; French curves; Bibs of paper; Teaching materials [except apparatus]; Pastes and other adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Bookmarkers; Steel letters; Luminous paper; Lithographs; Office perforators; Perforated cards for Jacquard looms; Office perforators; Blotters; Loose-leaf binders; Bubble packs (Plastic -) for wrapping or packaging; Painters' brushes; Canvas for painting; Palettes for painters; House painters' rollers; Painting templates; Paint boxes (articles for use in school); Paintbrushes; Painters' easels; Marking chalk; Marker pens; Graining combs; Stencils; Pencil lead holders; Modelling paste; Polymer modelling clay; Modelling materials; Plastics for modelling; Modelling clay; Modelling wax, not for dental purposes; Musical greeting cards; Credit card imprinters, non-electric; Chart pointers, non-electronic; Notebooks; Paper-clips; Numbering apparatus; Oleographs; Files [office requisites]; Paper; Electrocardiograph paper; Paper for recording machines; Stationery; Paper ribbons; Paper tapes and cards for the recordal of computer programmes; Paper sheets [stationery]; Filtering materials of paper; Face towels of paper; Paper handtowels; Papier mâché; Covers of paper for flower pots; Paper knives [office requisites]; Paper bows; Table napkins of paper; Paper handkerchiefs; Paper bags; Millboard; Drawer liners of paper, perfumed or not; Pastel crayons; Tracing patterns; Tracing cloth; Tracing paper; Parchment paper; Seals [stamps]; Posters; Placards of paper or cardboard,; Advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; Place mats of paper; Packing [cushioning, stuffing] materials of paper or cardboard; Portraits; Postcards; Prospectuses; Erasing products; Rubber erasers; Scrapers [erasers] for offices; Erasing shields; Etchings; Radiograms (Paper for -); Arithmetical tables; Ledgers [books]; Passport covers; Rice paper; Drawing boards; Drawing pens; Tracing needles for drawing purposes; Push pins; Newsletters; Indexes; Cream containers of paper; Trading cards other than for games; Absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; Stencils [stationery]; Boxes of cardboard or paper; Checkbook covers; Slate pencils; Writing slates; Shields [paper seals]; Sign-boards of paper or cardboard; Tailors' chalk; Manifolds [stationery]; Sewing patterns; Pencil boxes; Nibs; Inkstands; Writing instruments; Writing or drawing books; Writing chalk; Writing cases [stationery]; Writing materials; Writing cases [sets]; Writing brushes; Desk pads; Fonts; Handwriting specimens for copying; Page holders; Self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; seals (seals); Sealing wax; Sealing machines for offices; Sealing compounds for stationery purposes; Stamps [seals]; Silver paper; Spray chalk; Steel pens; Photograph stands; Starch paste [adhesive] for stationery or household purposes; Sealing stamps; Holders for stamps [seals]; Cases for stamps [seals]; Stamp pads; Seal ink pads; Stamp stands; Embroidery designs [patterns]; Tickets; Ink; Inkwells; Ink sticks; Paper table covers; Paper table covers; Table linen of paper; Hygienic paper; Printing sets, portable [office requisites]; Transparencies (stationery); Indian inks; Envelope sealing machines, for offices; Tablemats of paper; Bags, envelopes and pouches of paper or plastics for packaging; Packaging material made of starches; Wrapping paper; Duplicators; Mimeograph apparatus and machines; Square rulers; Vignetting apparatus; Viscose sheets for wrapping; Waxed paper; Blackboards; Composing sticks; Xuan paper for Chinese painting and calligraphy; Drawing materials; Sketch pads; Drawing boards [painters' articles]; Drawing sets; Drawing instruments; Charcoal pencils; Drafting rulers; Drawing squares; Printed timetables; Periodicals; Magazines [periodicals]; Newspapers; Paper shredders for office use; Paper clasps; Numbers [type]; Cigar bands.
17 - Asbestos fabrics; Asbestos paper; Asbestos millboards; Leaks (Chemical compositions for repairing -); Joint packings; Expansion joint fillers; Duct tapes; Weatherstripping compositions; Caulking materials; Sealing rings; Draught excluder strips; Elastic threads, not for use in textiles; Insulating buildings against moisture (Substances for -); Insulating refractory materials; Liquid rubber; Foil of regenerated cellulose, other than for packing; Sealants for joints; Garden hoses; Windows (Anti-dazzle films for -) [tinted films]; Fibreglass fabrics for insulation; Glass fibres for insulation; Glass wool for insulation; Tyres (Rubber material for recapping -); Rubber seals for jars; Threads of rubber, not for use in textiles; Clack valves of rubber; Rubber solutions; Sleeves of rubber for protecting parts of machines; Stops of rubber; Shock-absorbing buffers of rubber; Rings of rubber; Cords of rubber; Rubber stoppers; Brake lining materials, partly processed; Vulcanite [ebonite]; Insulators for electric mains; Railway tracks (Insulators for -); Insulators; Insulating paints; Insulating tapes; Insulating felt; Insulating varnish; Insulation (Metal foil for -); Insulating fabrics; Insulating gloves; Insulating materials; Cables (Insulators for -); Transformers (Insulating oil for -); Insulating oils; Insulating paper; Insulating plaster; Lute; Adhesive bands, other than stationery and not for medical or household purposes; Plastic sheeting for agricultural purposes; Plastic film, not for wrapping; Threads of plastic materials, not exclusively for textile use; Rubber; Canvas hose pipes; Pipe gaskets; Wool (Mineral -) [insulator]; Compositions to prevent the radiation of heat; Stuffing of rubber or plastic; Packing [cushioning, stuffing] materials of rubber or plastics; Unprocessed or semi-processed mica; Unprocessed or semi-processed gum; Unprocessed or semi-processed rubber; Soundproofing materials.

Fuente de la información

Parte de la información aquí publicada es pública puesto que ha sido obtenida de la Oficina de Propiedad Industrial de los diferentes países el 19/04/2022 y por lo tanto puede ser que la información no esté actualizada.

Parte de la información aquí mostrada ha sido calculada por nuestro sistema informático y puede no ser veraz.


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Información sobre la marca Iguna con el número A016135378

La marca Iguna con el número A016135378 fue solicitada el 06/12/2016. Se trata de una marca en Unión Europea por lo que este registro no ofrece protección en el resto de países. La marca Iguna con el número A016135378 fue solicitada por REINHARD KRÜCKEMEYER GMBH & CO. KG mediante los servicios del agente Wolff, Beate. La marca Iguna con el número A016135378 fue solicitada en las clases 1,5,10,16,17 según la Clasificación de Niza.

Vencimiento de la marca Iguna con el número A016135378

Las marcas en Unión Europea ofrecen una protección de 10 años y por tanto deben ser renovadas a los 10 años a contar de la fecha de solicitud para que los derechos ofrecidos por la misma no caduquen. La marca Iguna con el número A016135378 vence el 06/12/2026.

Renovación de la marca Iguna con el número A016135378"

El titular de la marca podrá renovar la marca cuando se acerque la fecha de vencimiento. En ausencia de la renovación, la marca caducará y dejará de ofrecer derechos a su titular. En concreto, un tercero podrá utilizar la marca sin tener que pedir permiso a su antiguo titular. Además cualquiera podrá registrar la marca y obtendrá derechos exclusivos en base a los cuales podrá impedir el uso al titular de la marca original.

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