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Purpose of the VALFRIGO - ESH devices is the battery scooter electric quality and fast recharge. In the market there are chargers for scooters full for 6 or more hours. Users of electrical scooters are very interested in quickly and efficiently recharging the batteries. VALFRIGO SR devices designed for modern, efficient and complete treatment Liion 36V10Ah and SLA battery 36V10Ah and Lion battery for electric scooter. Charging time 10 min – 2 hours. VALFRIGO -ESH devices has CPU module, which implements the relevant functions that make modernity, efficiency and complete treatment of the connected batteries. Complete treatment of the battery means that each unit is CPU module programmed with algorithms that allow complete treatment. In this regard VAKFRIGO SR devices achieves 5 operations (such as 5 special devices needed for a high-quality battery maintenance), and: - Controlled battery state analyzer - Controlled gauge capacity and other parameters of the battery - Controlled fast charge using a special PCPV method - Controlled detector of battery charge completion - Regulator Battery Charge - ESA - Electronic Security Addition of SLA batteries Why your device from the PARS program does not heat the batteries when super fast charge and does not carry out the destruction of the battery? Because, - In each device PARS PROGRAM there is a PIC microcontroller that is programmed by different functions which:  - Analyze the state of the battery before charging and note the level of residual charge in it. - PROGRAM then adjusts the charge current in terms of duration and intensity so it converts into chemical energy without heating. Battery temperature rises up to 8 degrees Celsius by the end of the charging times this is my method that is patented and differs from all the previous methods applied. - PROGRAM then detects in seconds when the electrochemical conversions ends. That is also a unique method, which other charges do not have. - And finally PROGRAM monitors existing battery self-discharge and supplements the battery for it to remain always equally fully charged. About all this, the unit itself has the reporting system, which gives the automatic and appropriate information for the user to be informed.