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Trademark ESSENZA DI UOMO in European Union

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  • Status: Registered
  • Country:
  • European Union 
  • Filing date:
  • 19/01/2015 
  • Request number:
  • A013650601 

  • Information of the applicant:
  • Information of the representative:
  • Type of register:
  • Figurative 
  • Accepted classes:
  • 3,4,24 
  • Classes denied:
  • Expiration date:
  • 19/01/2025 
  • Update date:
  • 31/08/2021 
The products and services protected by this brand are:
3 - Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; Cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; Soaps; Perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions; Dentifrices; Abraders; Almond oil; Gaultheria oil; Jasmine oil; Lavender oil; Rose oil; Oil of turpentine for degreasing; Oils for cleaning purposes; Oils for perfumes and scents; Oils for toilet purposes; Cedarwood (Essential oils of -); Lemon [Essential oils of -]; Lemon [Essential oils of -]; Essential oils; Oils for cosmetic purposes; Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; Eyelashes (Adhesives for affixing false -); Adhesives for affixing false hair; Adhesives for cosmetic purposes; Breath freshening sprays; Shaving preparations; Abraders; Drying agents for dishwashing machines; Eau de Cologne; Lavender water; Eau de Cologne; Perfume water; Canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes; Ammonia [volatile alkali] [detergent]; Smoothing preparations [starching]; Starch for laundry purposes; Starch glaze for laundry purposes; Musk [perfumery]; Amber [perfume]; Laundry blue; Antistatic preparations for household purposes; Antiperspirants [toiletries]; Aromatics [essential oils]; Cake flavorings [essential oils]; Flavourings for beverages [essential oils]; Air fragrancing preparations; Astringents for cosmetic purposes; Color-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry]; Non-medicated lotions; Baths (Cosmetic preparations for -); Lacquer-removing preparations; Shoe polish; Whiting; Leather bleaching preparations; Sachets for perfuming linen; Plants (Preparations to make shiny the leaves of -); Shining preparations [polish]; Lip gloss; Sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]; Furbishing preparations; Hair waving preparations; Silicon carbide [abrasive]; Carbides of metal [abrasives]; Eyebrow cosmetics; Volcanic ash for cleaning; Non-slipping wax for floors; Laundry wax; Tailors' wax; Shoemakers' wax; Wax (Depilatory -); Shoe wax; Moustache wax; Parquet floor wax; Parquet floor wax; Creams for leather; Shampoo; Dry shampoos; Shampoos for pets; Preservatives for leather [polishes]; Corundum [abrasive]; Quillaia bark for washing; Cosmetics; Cosmetics for animals; Skin whitening creams; Creams (Cosmetic -); Boot cream; Polishing creams; Skincare cosmetics; Floor wax removers [scouring preparations]; Scouring solutions; Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes; Dentifrices; Depilatories; Degreasers other than for use in manufacturing processes; Scale removing preparations for household purposes; Make-up removing preparations; Deodorants for pets; Deodorants for human beings or for animals; Detergents other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes; Diamantine [abrasive]; Douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries]; Polish for furniture and flooring; Dental rinses, non medicated; Badian essence; Bergamot oil; Mint essence [essential oil]; Ethereal essences; Emery; Extracts of flowers [perfumes]; Flower perfumes (Bases for -); Fumigation preparations [perfumes]; Dental bleaching gels; Massage gels other than for medical purposes; Geraniol; Laundry glaze; Greases for cosmetic purposes; Cotton wool for cosmetic purposes; Heliotropine; Henna [cosmetic dye]; Cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; Incense; Ionone [perfumery]; Shaving soap; Almond soap; Soaps; Antiperspirant soap; Soap for foot perspiration; Disinfectant soap; Deodorant soap; Medicated soap; Soap for brightening textile; Petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; Nail polish; Hair spray; Lacquer-removing preparations; Breath freshening strips; Eyebrow pencils; Eyebrow pencils; Almond milk for cosmetic purposes; Cleansing milk for toilet purposes; Javelle water; Soda lye; Windscreen cleaning fluids; Dentures (Preparations for cleaning -); Dry-cleaning preparations; Polishing preparations; Non-slipping liquids for floors; Hair lotions; Aftershave; Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Scented wood; Make-up; Make-up preparations; Mascara; Cosmetic masks; Mint for perfumery; Transfers (Decorative -) for cosmetic purposes; Cosmetic kits; Neutralizers for permanent waving; Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; Emery paper; Emery paper; Polishing paper; Wallpaper cleaning preparations; Emery paper; Pastes for razor strops; Soap; Nail art stickers; Perfumery; Perfumery; Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes; Cosmetics for eye-lashes; Eyelashes (False -); Shoemakers' wax; Pumice stone; Alum stones [astringents]; Alum stones [astringents]; Polishing stones; Polishing stones; Lipstick; Color-removing preparations; Face powder; Pomades for cosmetic purposes; Pot-pourri; Laundry preparations; Sun tan lotion; Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes; Unblocking drain pipes (Preparations for -); Laundry bleach; Rust removers; Denture polishes; Polishing preparations; Destainers; Laundry soaking preparations; Jewellers' rouge; Safrol; Bleaching salts; Bath salts, not for medical purposes; Washing soda, for cleaning; Bleaching soda; Fabric softeners for laundry use; Talcum powder, for toilet use; Emery cloth; Emery cloth; Glass cloth; Terpenes [essential oils]; Dyes (Cosmetic -); Colorants for toilet purposes; Hair dyes; Beard dyes; Color-removing preparations; Cleaning chalk; Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; Toiletries; Turpentine, for degreasing; Tripoli stone for polishing; False nails; Nail care preparations; Joss sticks.
4 - Industrial oils and greases; Lubricants; Dust controlling compositions; Fuels (including motor spirit) and illuminants; Candles and wicks for lighting; Coal tar oil; Sunflower oil for industrial purposes; Bone oil for industrial purposes; Coal naphtha; Rape oil for industrial purposes; Fish oil, not edible; Castor oil for technical purposes; Soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; Oil for the preservation of leather; Oil for the preservation of masonry; Mazut; Cutting fluids; Oils for releasing form work [building]; Textile oil; Motor oil; Moistening oil; Industrial grease; Lubricating oil; Oils for paints; Non- chemical fuel additives; Dust controlling compositions; Alcohol [fuel]; Methylated spirit; Non-slipping preparations for belts; Anthracite; Benzene; Gasoline; Benzol; Fuel in the form of briquettes; Coal briquettes; Wood briquettes; Peat (Blocks of -) [fuel]; Coal; Fuels; Vaporized fuel mixtures; Beeswax; Carnauba wax; Belting wax; Illuminating wax; Industrial wax; Wax [raw material]; Ceresine; Candles; Fuels; Fuel with an alcoholic base; Mineral fuel; Lighting fuel; Leather (Preservatives for -) [oils and greases]; Coke; Diesel oil; Firelighters; Electrical energy; Stearine; Ethanol [fuel]; Petroleum; Mazut; Gas for lighting; Diesel oil; Producer gas; Fuel gas; Gas (Solidified -) [fuel]; Gasoline; Lubricating graphite; Arms [weapons] (Grease for -); Grease for shoes; Grease for belts; Grease for leather; Industrial grease; Lubricating grease; Illuminating grease; Coal; Petroleum jelly for industrial purposes; Kerosene; Nightlights [candles]; Wool grease; Wood; Lignite; Ligroin; Lubricants; Lamp wicks; Wicks for candles; Naphtha; Oleine; Ozocerite [ozokerite]; Paraffin; Petroleum, raw or refined; Dust binding compositions for sweeping; Coal; Dust removing preparations; Tallow; Paper spills for lighting; Peat [fuel]; Christmas lights [candles]; Perfumed candles; Wood spills for lighting; Xylene; Xylene; Tinder.
24 - Textiles and textile goods, not included in other classes; Bed covers; Table covers; Curtain holders of textile material; Fabric, impervious to gases, for aeronautical balloons; Cotton fabrics; Banners; Flags, not of paper; Brocades; Buckram; Calico; Table runners; Canvas for tapestry or embroidery; Trellis [cloth]; Hemp fabric; Hemp fabric; Zephyr [cloth]; Cheviots [cloth]; Bed covers; Bed covers of paper; Shower curtains of textile or plastic; Curtains of textile or plastic; Door curtains; Crepe [fabric]; Crepon; Haircloth [sackcloth]; Ticks [mattress covers]; Damask; Tick [linen]; Drugget; Continental quilts; Esparto fabric; Cheese cloth; Bolting cloth; Labels; Felt; Filtering materials of textile; Hat linings, of textile, in the piece; Linings [textile]; Sanitary flannel; Flannel [fabric]; Frieze [cloth]; Pillowcases [pillow slips]; Pillowcases [pillow slips]; Mattress covers; Pillowcases [pillow slips]; Coverings for furniture; Fitted toilet lid covers of fabric; Dimity; Gauze [cloth]; Washing mitts; Oilcloth for use as tablecloths; Silk fabrics for printing patterns; Calico; Jersey [fabric]; Bed clothes and blankets; Woollen fabric; Lingerie fabric; Linen cloth; Bed blankets; Rugs (Travelling -) [lap robes]; Place mats, not of paper; Tablecloths, not of paper; Printers' blankets of textile; Marabouts [cloth]; Plastic material [substitute for fabrics]; Fabrics; Moleskin [fabric]; Mosquito nets; Billiard cloth; Glass cloths [towels]; Handkerchiefs of textile; Textile coasters; Knitted fabric; Ramie fabric; Rayon fabric; Coverings of plastic for furniture; Furniture coverings of textile; Linens; Bath linen, except clothing; Bed covers; Tablecloths, not of paper; Bed sheets; Sleeping bags [sheeting]; Place mats, not of paper; Silk [cloth]; Textile napkins; Shrouds; Taffeta [cloth]; Wall hangings of textile; Fabrics; Chenille fabric; Fiberglass fabrics, for textile use; Elastic woven material; Fabric for footwear; Fabrics; Fabric of imitation animal skins; Adhesive fabric for application by heat; Fabrics; Diapered linen; Traced cloths for embroidery; Gummed cloth, other than for stationery; Cheese cloth; Upholstery fabrics; Velvet; Non-woven textile fabrics; Towels; Napkins, of cloth, for removing make-up; Face towels [made of textile materials]; Tulle; Curtains; Hemp fabric; Lining fabric for shoes.

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Information about the trademark ESSENZA DI UOMO with the number A013650601

The trademark ESSENZA DI UOMO with the number A013650601 was requested on the 19/01/2015. It is a trademark in European Union so this registry does not offer protection in the rest of the countries. The trademark ESSENZA DI UOMO with the number A013650601 was requested by LABORATORIOS SAPHIR, S.A.U. through the services of the BAYLOS. The trademark ESSENZA DI UOMO with the number A013650601 was requested in the classes 3,4,24 according to the Nice Classification.

Expiration of the trademark ESSENZA DI UOMO with the number A013650601

The trademarks in European Union offer a protection of 10 years and therefore must be renewed after 10 years from the date of application so that the rights offered by it do not expire. The trademark ESSENZA DI UOMO with the number A013650601 expires on the 19/01/2025.

Renewal of the ESSENZA DI UOMO with the number A013650601

The owner of the trademark may renew the trademark when the expiration date approaches. In the absence of renewal, the trademark will expire and cease to offer rights to its owner. In particular, a third party may use the trademark without having to ask permission from its former owner. In addition, anyone may register the trademark and obtain exclusive rights on the basis of which it may prevent the use of the trademark owner.

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