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This is the locator or search engine for patents and utility models offered by the Patent Office in Bolivia. Its use is completely free. However, we must remind you that the results offered by this search engine only include patented inventions, so there may be non-patented inventions identical to the one you want to register that do not appear in the results.


If you want a study of the professional state of the art, you must hire the research service prior to the registration of a patent / utility model in Bolivia, offered by an agent specialized in the search and drafting of patents or utility models.


A fast and cheap alternative is the novelty analysis service of an idea that we offer ourselves here.


If you consider that your invention is patentable and you want to register a patent or utility model in Bolivia, it is equally advisable to hire the services of a professional who will analyze the idea, establish an ideal protection strategy, carry out the procedures before the corresponding patent offices and can advise you in case of infringement of your patent rights.

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