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Vaish Associates is actively involved in advising on issues in the field of Information Technology & Cyber Laws. The team has legal as well as technical expertise in providing solutions for protection against theft of images, graphics, website designs and content and copyright infringement, domain disputes and domain name recovery, software copyright infringement, internet piracy, data protection, information security and secrecy, digital rights management, compliance and criminal prosecution. The team also acquaints the clients with privacy laws in India and the different ways to ensure the confidentiality of data transferred across borders.

The firm's Intellectual Property practice is headed by its Partner Mr. Vijay Pal Dalmia, Advocate, an IP lawyer of 30 years standing. The IP Team under the guidance of Mr. Dalmia has an expertise in civil and criminal enforcement of IP & IT laws along with the day to day filing and prosecution of the same. The team has a well established practical approach which follows a streamlined strategy that is result oriented and does justice to the needs of the clients.

he practice areas of IP & IT laws division of
Vaish Associates include:

• Patent Laws
• Trademark Laws
• Copyright Laws
• Industrial Designs
• Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits

In the above areas, Vaish Associates offer clients a full bouquet of services which include:

• Litigation and Enforcement
• Registration
• Patent Filing and Prosecution
• Drafting of Patent Specifications
• Opposition & Rectification
• Assignment and Licensing Agreements
• Renewal of Trade Marks, Patents and Copyrights
• IPR Due Diligence & Search
• Domain Name Dispute Resolution
• Patent Maintenance

Vaish Associates’ IPR litigation team is regularly engaged in:

• Advising on pre-use infringement risks
• Advising on infringement and passing off issues and other matters relating to IP Rights in India and abroad

• Initiation, prosecution and defending civil and criminal proceedings in courts in matters related to Intellectual Property and Information Technology

• Conducting criminal raids, search and seizure by police action, IP Enforcement Special Cell and the courts for the prevention of audio, video, software and copyright piracy

• Instituting, prosecuting and defending opposition and rectification proceedings
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