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Where expose your invention or patent: Fairs and Exhibitions of Inventions

Update date: 13/06/13

In this post we want to inform the different inventions fair and salons around the world we know (if we missed one please inform us know and we will include it).

Feria Millenium en Valladolid España http://www.millenium2012.es/iberia.php

Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies “Archimedes” http://eng.archimedes.ru/ar_08.php

Brussels Innova http://www.brussels-innova.com/home.aspx

Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart http://www.inventaipei.com.tw/

Salon des Inventions de Genève  http://www.inventions-geneva.ch/

INPEX, the Invention & New Product Exposition http://www.inpex.com/

iENA – Internationale Leitmesse für Ideen-Erfindungen-Neuheiten http://www.iena.de/de/home.html)

International Invention Fair in the Middle East http://www.iifme.com/Pages.aspx?PID=1

Seoul Internatinal Invention Fair http://www.siif.org/english/common/index.asp

INFOINVENT International Specialized Exhibition of inventions, new equipment, technologies & resources http://en.infoinvent.moldexpo.md/

Grenoble Innovation Fair http://www.grenoble-innovation-fair.com/GB_home.html

Erfindermesse OWL GENIAL http://www.erfindermesse-owl.de/

Remember that before exposing your invention at a fair must register it as patent, preferably by a IP firm as Volartpons. Otherwise, expose the fact that it can be recorded and consequently prevents obtaining an exclusive right to the manufacture and marketing.

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