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What is the cost to register a trademark in Spain?

Update date: 25/10/14

The registration of a trademark in Spain has a variable cost depending on several factors. On one side is the official fee established by the government of that country. Then there are professional fees.

We should mention that you can obtain trademark protection in Spain both by applying a Spanish national trademark as through the registration of a Community trademark. The CTM covers the 28 countries of the European Union among which is Spain. The CTM is interesting in terms of costs where protection is sought in another EU country apart from in Spain. If you only want protection in Spain, the Spanish national trademark is more convenient.

Depending on the processing of the mark may be other costs such as the costs of response to an opposition filed by a third party prior right or defense costs to a formal abeyance issued by the Trademark Office itself.

For the cost of registration of a mark in Spain you should consult a professional. You can find a listing of professionals in Spain here.

Before applying to register a trademark in Spain is important to check that is not already registered. Our website provides a link to the official search engine of Spanish Patent and Trademark here. Remember that the results provided by this search engine is partial since not detected and registered trademarks similar to the one you want to record. Only showing identical marks!

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