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Registration of a CTM / European Trademark from USA.

Update date: 02/10/15

Large and small US companies (USA) are exporting their products to Europe. To avoid that a third party takes advantage of their trademark/ brand is vital to register the trademark in all countries where they export or where are going to export in the near future. For this reason these large and small companies from US need to register their trademark in the European Union / Community . It is important to remember that in order to register a CTM, US citizens need to have a representative in the European Union.

marca comunitaria desde usa

CTM is a registration that offers protection once granted in the 28 countries of the European Union. Once a CTM is applied, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), performs a formal review to determine whether the mark is under any absolute prohibitions. Then the trademark is published in an official gazette and a period of three months of opposition starts.  If no opposition is received the trademark is granted. The duration of the registration of the mark in the European community is 10 years from the application date .

The processing of a CTM is advisable to do through a firm specializing in the registration of Community trade marks, as Volartpons. A professional in the field not only study the feasibility of registration but once made will watch out for brands that could infringe rights acquired CTM register.

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