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National Trademark Registration VS CTM / Community Trademark Registration

Update date: 06/11/15

When registering a trademark we wonder whether we should do it at national level (eg Spain) or at Community level (27 EU countries). Throughout this post we will try to explain the pros and cons of both systems for registration of a mark.

Marca española vs marca comunitaria

In terms of cost, the price of a CTM registration generally represents 3 times the cost of registering a Spanish brand. In this sense we can conclude that if you want to order mark in 3 or more countries included in the EU, the registration is recommended CTM.

A level of protected classes, the Community trademark CTM allows for registration by 3 classes without increasing the cost of application. By contrast national brand usually it offers a class for the base price, increasing the price for each additional class to be registered. In this sense if you want to register a mark in 3 classes, assess what is the cost of a national brand for three classes and if this exceeds the cost of the Community trade mark, registration is recommended CTM.

In terms of problems in the registry, the Community trademark to cover a greater number of countries with the same record, the odds of receiving an opposition against our application is much higher than the odds of receiving opposition demand for Spanish brand. In this sense, and considering the cost of registration of a mark not only understands the request but the reply to the oppositions, registration is recommended national brand.

As always, we take to remember that the registration of a trademark is convenient to do so through a professional and Volartpons.

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