Lawyers need a good Intellectual Property Partner

2013-06-14 10:00:41
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Many of the lawyers , when they receive the order to register a trademark, patent or industrial design, prefer to perform the procedure on their own before seeking the help of an expert on intellectual property. This practice is highly detrimental to its customers since the application for registration of a trademark, patent or industrial design if not done with skill can play against the applicant. For this reason, we would recommend to all lawyers who receive a commission on intellectual property contact a industrial property agent, such as Volartpons 

The advantages are many, however include 3:

  • The collaboration with an intellectual property partner need not be visible to the customer who will only deal with the lawyer.
  • The intellectual property partnerwill work under the explicit statements of the lawyer and if this wish of the customer.
  • The cost of registration of a trademark, patent or industrial design offered by intellectual property partner to lawyers is significantly lower than that offered to end customers, a fact that enables the collection of the commission by counsel without increasing the cost to the customer .

In conclusion, the lawyer must know their limitations and delegate to a professional industrial property matters which can not handle it directly.

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