How to sell a patent or utility patent?

How to sell a patent or utility patent?

Update date: 22/05/13

Many inventors who finally decide to protect his invention once they have a patent or utility model they realize that they can not develop his idea to turn it into a profitable business. At this point decide they must either license or sell the patent or utility model.

But how to do? It is not easy. What doors should be called? Who should speak? At what price you must sell or license the invention?

Before you sell or market an invention must be protected by a patent or utility model. Without it no one will buy this invention because it does not have the exclusive right. A good patent or utility model is therefore vital to sell. Industrial Property Agencies, as Volartpons, I can help.

First you must conduct a study to determine which companies can pay to have interest or license the property of the invention. Once you determine which sector may seem interesting, you should make a list of the companies, the contact person and phone to arrange a meeting later.

But before contacting companies should know at least roughly what can be received by our invention. We must be realistic but also set a minimum price at which we sell or license no. To determine the sales price, you can seek the services of a patent expert who will score the market to put an approximate price set.

Finally, and from the list established companies, name of contact person and your phone, you should start calling to conclude a meeting. We must have patience.

On the other hand, the patent owner may also have a passive attitude in the sale or license of the patent or utility model. In this sense we can restrict ads on specialized portals such as this ( or placed in the hands of companies that are dedicated to finding investors or buyers for patents.

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