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How to register a trademark in South America?

Update date: 24/05/13

Lately there is great interest in protecting brands in South America, especially in Mexico, Colombia and Cuba. In this post I will explain the different routes of trademark protection in those countries.

You can register a national trademark in each of the South American countries. However, this pathway may be a bit expensive so our recommendation is to register with the international trademark all those countries likely to be protected in this way international trademark offers great advantages, such as economic. Not all countries are likely to be protected in this way. Here you will find a post where we explain which countries are covered by this route. It is much cheaper to apply for an international trademark in Mexico Colombia and Cuba that a national trademark in those countries.

Whether a national trademark or international trademark its processing is very advisable to do through a industrial property agent, as Volartpons, you certainly advise you on what is the most interesting way in your case.

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