How to know if something (an invention) is already patent (registered)?

2013-11-19 13:42:30
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The majority of the inventors want to know if their idea or invention is or not new and if they can o can't apply for a patent to protect it. In this post we are going to explain how to know if an idea or invention already is registered as a patent and in addition we are going to explain if this this circumstance is sufficient to go for your patent application.

First to be able to know if an idea or invention is registered we must know that though not this one registered, if the idea already is known, that is to say already is spread, it is not possible to register it as patent. For this motive our search must not limit to patents and models of usefulness(utility) but also it(he,she) must look for the above mentioned idea or invention in any other place (for example Internet).

Also it is important to know that if the idea or invention is registered (patented) in another country, at first(in principle) (there is an exception), it is possible to protect either in Spain nor in any other place of the world. This is like that because the idea or I invent already it(she) is not new, and the innovation worldwide is the first requirement to be able to patent an idea or invention. For this motive our search must not limit to Spain but it must include the whole world.

To know if an idea or invention is registered or patented in a concrete country it is not necessary to pay anything. It is a free service that you can offer you your same one across our pager of patents in different countries that we will throw(launch) in a few months. For the present time I leave a couple you of links of pagers of patents.

INVENES: pager of patents offered by the Spanish Office of Patents and Brands(Marks)

ESPACENET: pager of patents offered by the European Office of Patents.

The search of (clear) inventions in the pagers of patents is cumbersome since there exist multiple ways of identifying the same invention. For this motive, the agencies of patents and brands(marks), as Volartpons, offer the professional search in the above mentioned pagers of patents and in great others more. Already we speak about this type of searches here.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the fact of not having found any patent that protects the idea or invention that you have had, though it is a good indication, does not assure you that not this one protected. This is like that because the pagers of patents are not complete when those requested patents do not appear and even not published.

For this motive, great part(report) of the inventors, they prefer not investing(inverting) in the search before the record of his(her,your) idea or invention and investing(inverting) directly in the protection of the above mentioned invention or idea by means of the record of a patent.

He(She) remembers that the record of a patent must be realized across the services of a professional as Volartpons who will help you during the record in order that you do not spend(consume) any more resources of the necessary ones.

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