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How to know if a trademark is already registered?

Update date: 20/05/13

Many of those who want to register a trademark wonder if the trademark they want to register is already registered. In this post we will explain how to know if a trademark is registered and we will explain further if this information is sufficient to start to register a trademark.

First of all we should limit the research to a country, for instance Spain? This is important since if a trademark this registered in another country where we do not want to register our trademark is not important.

To find out whether a trademark is registered in a particular country you don't have to pay anything. It is a free service that you can use through our trademark locator section in different countries you will find here.

However find the trademark you want to record is not registered is not enough to throw the registration of your brand because you have to keep in mind that similar mark to which you wish to register may also file an opposition and prevent entry of your brand. The only way to ensure the registration of a trademark is by conducting a preliminary report. This service is for payment and unfortunately we only offer industrial property agents, for example Volartpons.

I speak here of the importance of the previous report, but it is worth remembering the most important.

"The opposition is writing that makes the owner of an earlier mark which is sought which expresses the desire to prevent the mark applied for is granted. Arguments cited in this opposition may be several on one hand the absolute prohibitions and on the other prohibitions on.'s prohibitions are generally prevent the registration of a trademark.

As prohibitions means that the mark applied for can not be granted to be equal or similar to an earlier trade mark provided that the products or services marks cover identical or similar.

The solution to this potential problem is complex and very expensive (compared to the cost of registration of a mark) and therefore from here PREVIOUS STUDY we recommend registration of a mark.

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