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How to ensure success of a trademark registration in Spain?: Preliminary report

Update date: 08/05/13

Registration of a trademark today seems a simple task. Governments provide massive registration marks but never ensure the success of the record. One way to ensure the success of the registration of a trademark is to request a PREVIOUS REPORT.

I would remember that for a brand to be granted in the first place must be filed documents correctly (it is relatively easy but once filed for the trademark is granted no one should file an opposition against it during the public exhibition period for this purpose .

The opposition is a statement made ​​by the proprietor of an earlier mark which is sought which expresses the desire to prevent the mark applied for is granted. The arguments cited in the opposition may be several on one hand the absolute prohibitions and prohibitions on the other. The prohibitions are generally prevent the registration of a trademark.

As prohibitions means that the mark applied for can not be granted to be equal or similar to an earlier trade mark provided that the marks cover goods or services identical or similar.

The solution to this potential problem is complex and very expensive (compared to the cost of registration of a mark) and therefore from here PREVIOUS STUDY we recommend registration of a mark.

The preliminary study will inform the applicant of the same chances of success of saving the correspondent registration costs of the application for a brand that would hardly be granted. The application of this type of prior studies is highly used by large companies but also for individuals who look great on what expenses they will incur.

It is important to know that the previous report is NOT free. Distrust of those agencies that will offer it free for surely just do an identity search if it is free.

The preliminary report is a service offered by industrial property agencies, as Volartpons.

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