Are they copying your trademark, design or patent in Spain? Ask for damages.

2014-01-04 10:00:08
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Do you have a trademark, industrial design or a registered patent in Spain and you know that someone is copying you? Why do not you prevent it, it's your right.

The registration of a trademark, patent or industrial design offer the holder the exclusive right to use and market. Consequently anyone who manufactures or markets what you have is infringing your rights protected and you can claim compensation for damages for it.

But how to know that someone is copying really? How to get proof of that? What compensation can be ordered by the infringement of my intellectual property rights? Our advice is to go to an industrial property agent, such as Volartpons.

The agent will explain without compromise what are the possibilities and the likelihood of success of each and decide if it is worth it or not to litigate. You also inform the court that there are possibilities. Honestly, if you can avoid going to court better.

A good advice is vital to being taken advantage of your creations either trademarks, industrial designs and patents.


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