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Apply for / Register a trademark in Mexico

Update date: 27/04/14

The registration of a trademark in Mexico is very important for anyone wanting to offer their products or services in that country where intellectual property is valued and consequently the subject of litigation . For practical purposes, the registration of a trademark in Mexico is very similar to a trademark in Spain . The registration of a trademark in Mexico can be done in two different ways ; through a national application or through a national application designating in Mexico



When to register a national brand ( Mexico ) instead of an international brand? How I can know if a mark is registered in Mexico ? How is the procedure of a brand in Mexico ? Read on to find the answers?

In deciding whether to register a national brand in Mexico is most desirable should be borne in mind:

You intend to use the mark in any country hosted the International Branding of Mexico . If the answer is YES and the number of countries a part of Mexico where you want to be protected is greater than 2 , it is advisable to register an International brand. Otherwise it is recommended to record directly in Mexico .

To know whether a mark is already registered in Mexico can use our locator marks here . As you may know , the search engine only displays trademark identical marks so a similar search (on report ) comes highly recommended to know the probability of success of the record.

The trademark is filed with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property ( IMPI ) based in Mexico DC . The application for registration is a formal and substantive examination and finally published in the official gazette for third parties to file an opposition . In case you have not received any opposition registration is granted for 10 years from the application date .

The processing of a trademark in Mexico is advisable to do it through a professional industrial property , as Volartpons , advise you on which path to follow registration and prepare all necessary documentation to avoid processing problems during receive .


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